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Despite babysitting the kitten over the weekend, it's really been a shitty couple of weeks. I'm thinking of going to [profile] percussivebunny's Halloween party in San Diego. I need a break from here, the crappy stuff w my mom, and my job (which I do like, even though it can be trying). We'll see how I feel about this scheme when it's not three in the morning, but right now it sounds pretty damn good.

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14/10/09 18:21 (UTC)
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Going somewhere seems like it might help you reset. I'm not completely convinced that a big party is the right location choice. But I'm not very social, maybe that's something that bothers you about your current life, the lack of choice about socializing and who with?

I find, personally, that having something big to look forward toward is an essential component of my psychological health. Sometimes it's a movie coming out, sometimes it's a trip, sometimes it's a big birthday deal, but I definitely find without something drawing my eyes out to the horizon, the view never changes.

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15/10/09 06:14 (UTC)
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we would love to see you, and you would have a place to crash!!!

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15/10/09 15:20 (UTC)
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You should totally go to San Diego. It would be fun! You need fun! Sending you love. xoxo

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15/10/09 15:40 (UTC)
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Getting out of town can do wonders. And I'm sooo jealous of anyone going to San Diego (where, by the way, I once spent a kick-ass Halloween--in Hillcrest).

Sorry to hear about the shitty weeks. Things seem kinda shitty all over. Here's hoping for a turnaround.


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