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C is in Portland for the week, and I'm jealous. Tired of small, conservative town life. I actually like my job a lot; I just wish it were somewhere else. We're thinking about moving to Portland next summer, so perhaps I should look at similar jobs there.

Cheer me up?

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20/11/09 21:49 (UTC)
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Well, I'm not feeling oh so cheery, but it absolutely sucks that no one even left a comment.

*waves* Hi. I'm here.

Portland would be nice. They've got lots of yarn there and more time of the year where wearing it isn't insane.

But you'll never be happy if you don't appreciate what you have while you have it. Make friends you'll miss when you leave so they can come visit you. It will make the meantime more fun and certainly more enjoyable. Plus if things don't work out and you stay an extra year, it won't seem like a whole year of only eating raw eggplant.

I'm not sure whether the answer is to be actively leaving right now, looking for jobs, putting off purchases, etc. or to try to bloom where you're planted. If you cannot be happy where you are, then what steps are you taking to practicably solve the problems? If you could be happy where you are, caving for C, open spaces for you, then what are you doing to make this feel like home?

I'm supposed to be cheering you up, but I guess the only cheery thing I can say is "Nothing gets better without effort." Not that the effort is usually fun or always works. Some things can't be fixed. So, er, even if you're for sure moving to Portland, C's parents will still be there, so don't torch the bridges.

Buy yourself some foreign chocolate or a mug of fluffy coffee, put on a goofy hat or do something to change your view of yourself. No matter where you live, you're still going to be there, so make sure you take good care of yourself.

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22/11/09 07:27 (UTC)
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That's lousy. I'm not hugely fond of Twitter. I'm not against it because the first tweet I saw was really profound and funny. But most of them remind me of how people who work with their hands pronounce "creek" as "crick". It makes me want to call all things posted to Twitter, twits.

Social participation things only become successful when they have reached a turning point. If it gets to where everyone checks it, then it wins. LJ lost vast swaths of its community proponents and active participants.

I get a lot of pressure to join Facebook. I am hoping to never do that.

I'm never good with cheering, but I am sometimes good with practical advice and perspective. I've lived in the same place for almost 15 years and I have zero friends here. In fact, I managed to royally piss off someone who tried to invite me to something.

I'm still reading Harry Potter fic, so I feel like I can't say much about people who like Twilight fandom. Except. Ewwwwwww. I didn't read book 7, so I didn't see how the canonical author lobotomized her sole strong female character. That happened in like chapter 3 of Twilight.

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22/11/09 08:06 (UTC)
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I know literature professors who read Harlequin books. But they do so with shame or at least the knowledge that it's not literature.

So it's not that people can't like something that's the cultural equivalent of cheese-flavored pork rinds. It's that you don't take the rest of the bag into work with you as a chef for a Michelin starred restaurant.

HP has its moments. The fic, especially if you use only vetted sources, is often better than the original. But I'm not convinced HP is better than Twilight. We're presented with a single point of view, told that some people are always good, some people are always bad, and thinking for yourself will get you into trouble. I don't see much difference between the canonical books in either series.

But I'm a Weasley hater. That shift in perspective made a lot of HP canon stand on its head for me. Hermione comes across like a stereotypical American in Paris, wanting to change everything so she doesn't have to adapt so much. The 10% immigrant influx per year makes it seem like people fighting to retain their cultural identity have something rational behind their issues.

Fic discusses and explores stuff like that. Maybe I'd like Twilight better if I read its fic. Written by thinking adult women. But you know? I'm not sure I care that much.

I think a lot of stereotypes are deserved. The quality of education in rural areas is generally worse than in suburban areas. Americans do tend to look like jerks when they go to foreign countries. I'm not even sure stereotypes are bad. It's when they become prejudice that there's a problem. So a student coming from rural Arkansas should be tested the same as everyone else instead of assuming they're moronic. Americans should look at the stereotypes and be on their best behavior as guests in another country. But sometimes you meet people who live down to your worst assumptions.

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23/11/09 02:09 (UTC)
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I couldn't get through Pullman. It put me off right from the beginning with the girl believing that females were inherently less valuable.

I really hate Ginny. She tried to kill dozens of people and wasn't bloody sorry after. Sure it wasn't her fault, but that would have made the forgiveness trivial to obtain and does not ameliorate her obligation. Hermione should never have been willing to stay in a room with someone who tried to kill her without any on-the-page addressing of that issue.

Fred and George are fun to read until you look at it from a firstie's perspective when they're 6th years. They were cajoling people to try untested products and not really taking no for an answer. No one put a stop to it until Hermione noticed. Meaning that 5 other prefects did not see them bullying first year students into being guinea pigs. They are just like that, but the way it's written, that Hermione is bitchy for protesting... that really bothers me. I'm sort of surprised that you didn't see it that way now that you're staff at a school.

I like the Southern Vampire series for pure escapism. But lately the books are like a drinking game where when a description is cut and pasted from a previous book you take a shot.

Did you read the Gregor series? (Code of Claw was one) I liked that too. I read too many children's and YA books but you're generally promised that everything will come out okay and the reading experience will not be actively gruesome.

Mercedes Lackey opened her books up to fanfic just recently... I keep thinking I should go find that new fic. Then I'll want to re-read those books.

But I could use some more comfort reads, where it's like looking at old vacation photos.

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19/11/09 08:47 (UTC)
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I hear Portland is awesome and would totally come visit. You'd not be far from me either. ;)


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