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Got a fair amount done today, but my to-do pile is so huge that stressing about it laughable. So, I'm not. I'm just chipping away at it, and things will get done when they get done.

The great Caper Poisoning of 2009 seems to finally be over. My throat still feels a bit raw, but nothing like Monday night when I was thinking about going to the ER. The discovery of this new food allergy was brought about by being adventurous when ordering. Shame on me! Bone marrow was on the appetizer menu, and I've never had it before, so I decided to try something new. It was amazing (although I think this restaurant may have done it in a way that no one else at the table had ever had it as they all were horrified at my choice, despite there being several other adventurous eaters present). However, what I didn't know was the relish was entirely caper-based. I also didn't know that I am allergic to capers. I started feeling sick about five minutes after finishing, but luckily one of our group had a strong antihistamine that I took right away. I was not feeling any better by the time my main course came, though, and had to excuse myself back to the hotel.

Called C and she talked to me for a while to pass the time and make sure I didn't suffocate. ;-)

I also realized today that I didn't take any pictures of Montreal for [profile] aleph_zahir. I would highly recommend the Latin Quarter, around Rue St. Denis, though. Strolling down by the Prom du Vieux-Port is also cool--they have artists and such. I want to go back.


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