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C has recently gotten into caving. I've been like, oh so you finally want to do wilderness-y stuff, and it's UNDERGROUND??? WTF? She had a great time at a caving trip in Georgia in early October, though, so I went with her last week to a conservation morning/caving afternoon at Horse Cave. We went about 200 yards into a tourist cave, still on the beaten path, and helped move about two tons of sediment that flowed over the walkway with all the rain this fall. The afternoon was a trip to a dome, but my hiking shoes, in protest of being broken out of storage and subjected to so much mud and muck, peeled away from their soles. So I did all that work for nothing! We went to the Zappo's outlet on the way home (everything was 50% off!) and I got $150 boots for $55 bucks.

This weekend we went to Dale Hollow for try #2. We meet up with the Bowling Green Grotto (what official caving groups are called, how cute is that?). All the folks who showed up Friday night were geology grad students and really fun, so that was good. It was butt ass cold, though. We should have brought C's dad's -20 bag and just been hot. Oh well. Then Saturday two profs showed up, but it was nothing like the relationships btw. grad students and profs in literature, even though this one woman is a world famous cave cartographer. We were going to be surveying this new cave. Cool, I thought. Wrong. I got put with the experienced, famous lady and we spent 4 hours surveying 75 yards of cave. I placed survey points and took tape measurements while this woman and another prof sketched and took angle measurements. I totally understand why I wasn't sketching as a total n00b, but it was cold and boring as we were in the part of the cave with a trickle of water spattering through it.

However, it was a pretty technical cave, and C said that she had to crawl and slither for a fair amount of her journey back to where her team was surveying--something that I'm not entirely adept at with my bad knees. She also said that compared to the caves in Georgia, not only was this one harder, but it was much less pretty in terms of formations, etc. I'm just not convinced this is something I want to do. Which is fine. I think C is also still evaluating, and there's nothing that says we both have to be cavers. I'd like to go back to spending outside time--OUTSIDE. Crazy, I know.


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