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You can tell that I've been all over the place recently as I had been juggling keeping my American bank account solvent until now. Let me just say that having bills in two countries is a pain in the ass, especially when you know you'll be back for summer and don't want to sever all ties to one country in favor of the other.

Some late bills and gymnastics to pay them have come to pass (thank god for online bill pay), so all is good now, but I had a moment last night when I trying very hard to figure out to make this all happen without my books that are in storage being chucked out into the street.

My parents were super supportive, even if they weren't able to help, which was amazing. I've never seen them so calm about something involving the mismanagement of money. I actually felt like the kid and not the petulant teen forced into the adult role. Will wonders never ceasae?


4/7/09 21:27 (UTC)
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Is it worth setting up auto bill pay for that stuff?

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5/7/09 19:16 (UTC)
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Normally yes. But I was having to transfer money from Canada to the US and I forgot to do it in time last month. It's all taken care of now.

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5/7/09 00:42 (UTC)
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I hate managing bills in one country, let alone two! You're doing pretty good dude!

Extra bonus points on the parentals actually acting as parents!


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5/7/09 19:17 (UTC)
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Aw, thanks. It's been much more trying than I expected it to be as the two systems barely speak to each other. Thank god my American bank accepts Canadian checks without a fee. Most don't!


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