15/6/09 20:02
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I just went out back to take out my trash, and my neighbor/landlady gave me these. Guess what they are!
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Happy Birthday [profile] 3meows! I will be in your city soon to torment you.

your big sis


4/6/09 23:31
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I know we've been short on these lately.

I got permission to work outside b/c the lab was so stinkin' hot. Sat by the fountain for ambient cooling. Yay!
[profile] coachjg aw me and he was done conferencing for the day! Yay!
We decided to do dinner tonight and tomorrow. Yay!
Saw RB randomly downtown as he is in town for related symposium. Yay!
Ate good food, drank beer, reveled in not going solo. Yay!
Everyone is complaining about the heat. 88 degrees. Phhft. Yay!
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Got a fair amount done today, but my to-do pile is so huge that stressing about it laughable. So, I'm not. I'm just chipping away at it, and things will get done when they get done.

The great Caper Poisoning of 2009 seems to finally be over. My throat still feels a bit raw, but nothing like Monday night when I was thinking about going to the ER. The discovery of this new food allergy was brought about by being adventurous when ordering. Shame on me! Bone marrow was on the appetizer menu, and I've never had it before, so I decided to try something new. It was amazing (although I think this restaurant may have done it in a way that no one else at the table had ever had it as they all were horrified at my choice, despite there being several other adventurous eaters present). However, what I didn't know was the relish was entirely caper-based. I also didn't know that I am allergic to capers. I started feeling sick about five minutes after finishing, but luckily one of our group had a strong antihistamine that I took right away. I was not feeling any better by the time my main course came, though, and had to excuse myself back to the hotel.

Called C and she talked to me for a while to pass the time and make sure I didn't suffocate. ;-)

I also realized today that I didn't take any pictures of Montreal for [profile] aleph_zahir. I would highly recommend the Latin Quarter, around Rue St. Denis, though. Strolling down by the Prom du Vieux-Port is also cool--they have artists and such. I want to go back.


22/5/09 10:20
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Two days of sunshine in a row! Sitting outside with laptop and enjoying. Not letting bastards get me down. Writing in tweet length sentences. Oh well. Watching the duck bathe in the fountain/pond.

What to wear to Montreal/Ottawa for casual business meetings? Need to go shopping!


6/5/09 19:15
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Lots of folks I know in the warning zone, and I'm being stupid, but I'll put it out there: C is leaving Pima to go to the not-a-wedding. We have the downstairs neighbor checking in on him, but if push came to shove would she grab him and run? I wasn't kidding last night when I told C to get his paperwork in order fly just in case. We could have switched to R&Z's hotel. Ok, I'm being stupid and fretting. And it's 40s and pissing rain again here.
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Hi Thera,

You know how you hate working in an office from 9-5? Well, I can't help you out on that front right this minute since you need the paycheck. However, you would probably do much better if you went to bed a bit earlier. You are desk jockey. You are going to get sleepy midafternoon. But it sucks so much more when you aren't getting much sleep at night.

Use this as motivation to get a tt job next year mmkay? You clearly need more flexibility in your schedule. That's why you went to school for 8 gazillion years to get this degree. Remember? Good. Oh, and you know how you promised a draft to the committee on May 1? Well it's May 5. You're late, sucker.

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I got almost nothing done this weekend, but I was worrying about some stuff that went down at work and went in this morning with an emotional hangover. Turns out I needn't have worried, though there is fall out. Just not directed at me. Now I've come home to clean the apartment and begin getting truly excited about going to Chicago on Thursday to see C, J&J, and everyone else.

Now everyone pray that the boots that [personal profile] jessicaeve got me at the Fluevog (in red, though) sale fit because they are the most cutest and amazing things ever.
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Still trying to figure out how I'm going to use this journal vs. the other. I'd like to go to much more unlocked content. Still thinking about Eve Sedgwick.
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A lovely entry.

ETA: Someone has claimed they trolled amazon and perpetrated most of this with a bash script that exploited metadata. But The Passion still stands out as being tagged "lesbian" and not deranked, so I'm not going to believe this was a prank just yet.
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Since I'm not sleeping, I just thought I'd add to the clamor about Amazon stripping books that contain "adult content" of their Amazon Rank (which makes them hard to find and damages author sales among other things). It does seem to be very LGBT-aimed, although I don't get the algorithm that was used. Jeanette Winterson's The Passion escaped censure but Giovanni's Room and Brokeback Mountain did not. I looked up Vox, and it's still ranked but Lady Chatterly's Lover is not. Rather, one can find the Baldwin and Lawrence, but only in older editions. So, even if they were trying to hide them, the method used is faulty, to say the least. Lots of other people have written about this more eloquently than I, but I was bemused that Winterson escaped. I've seen it suggested that some of this has to do with tagging--and there is no "erotic" tagging associated with The Passion, only "lesbian" and "romance" as separate tags. G's R, however, has the tag "gay romance" (and now "amazonfail"!!!). This is also the number one tag over on twitter, to which I've finally succumbed as _thera_ (who keeps taking my name? I want it back now plz.) Finally, Heather Has Two Mommies doesn't meet any of these qualifications, though, so who knows.

Given the outcry over the weekend and Amazon's hasty backpedaling to now claim the rank stripping was a "glitch," I'm guessing there will be some resolution soon. I don't know how I feel about the company now, though. I'll be looking for a Canadian alternative.
ETA: [ profile] thistleingrey has pointed me to [ profile] jonquil's great post about the evolution of this "glitch."
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When not preparing for the new job with a ton of reading on the drive up, I will be reading Cathrynne M. Valente's new book: Palimpsest. It is just the lovely kind of diversion I need after all this stress. Amazon is already almost sold out, so order soon if the trailer below appeals.

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The idea sprang from [profile] angevin2 and [personal profile] the_red_shoes and this sonnet:

Shakespearean Sonnet
With a first line taken from the tv listings

A man is haunted by his father's ghost.
Boy meets girl while feuding families fight.
A Scottish king is murdered by his host.
Two couples get lost on a summer night.
A hunchback murders all who block his way.
A ruler's rivals plot against his life.
A fat man and a prince make rebels pay.
A noble Moor has doubts about his wife.
An English king decides to conquer France.
A duke learns that his best friend is a she.
A forest sets the scene for this romance.
An old man and his daughters disagree.
A Roman leader makes a big mistake.
A sexy queen is bitten by a snake.

-- R.S. Gwynn

I have written a few poor ones of my own. Play along if you be geeky enough:

Black Moor Makes Beast With Two Backs.
Temptation Island: Father Is Behind All.
Spray 'N Wash Fails: Lady's Spot Remains.

And b/c you know I couldn't resist a Miltonian one or two:
Satan 1, Adam and Eve 0 ... or
God 1, Satan 1, Humans 0.
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Seen around several places. Key: Bold the ones I've read, italicize the ones I started but didn't finish, asterisk besides the ones I read multiple times, $ besides the ones I own and haven't read/finished.

I've read 66 of the 106 and started 7. I'm noticing a big gap in my reading of Russian novels for which [profile] 3meows will probably never forgive me, but otherwise most of the unread are those I haven't wanted to pick up. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled Saturday night insomnia.
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Doris Lessing receiving the news that she had won the Nobel. (Forgive me if this is something you've seen. I wasn't online at the time.)