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I'm terribly far behind on reading and commenting. But I'm in KY and settling in.

I arrived yesterday, but today was my first day at work. I filled out a bazillion pieces of paper, met many women with bleached hair (luckily C's mom is not one of them), received my textbook for class tomorrow (We start with whole numbers and the fact that you can add and subtract in any order you want--did I mention that I am teaching remedial math? Like, so remedial, they don't even get credit towards an AA for it, but they have tested into it.), met the Science Dean--who is a Brit and awesome with The Who posters all over his office, gotten yelled at by the computer lab monitor for installing the printer icon on the version of New Stupid Word that I was working on b/c it will encourage the students in the lab not to learn to print properly (huh?) and just boggled at how different a tiny town's community college is from a UC. I was boggled by how big the UC campus was when I arrived many years ago as my undergrad was pretty small, but this is certainly a new kind of adventure.

Tomorrow: 2.5 hours of remedial math in the morning. Can I do it? Sure. Can I do it without boring them or me to death? That remains to be seen.


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